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March 7, 2019

Shivering in Sihui, Guangdong

I headed out at 8. At the 20 km mark, the rain returned. While I sat it out, I got so cold that I put on an additional 2 shirts, my jacket and my long pants.

I contemplated spending a few weeks in Guangzhou waiting for spring to arrive. But Southern China gets more rain in spring.

So I pressed on. After a long lunch and few kilometres, I felt warm enough to remove my extra clothes.

At twilight I was in a rural area without any hotels. So I had to push on to Sihui. When I checked into the hotel, I was so cold and wet that I jogged on the spot while reception checked me in.

Most roads have shoulders, but when they don't, pedestrians walk leisurely on the road.
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The hot, wet tires and the high humidity causes small clouds around some trucks.
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I don't know why the trees are planted and supported skew.
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Steve Miller/GrampiesPerhaps to keep them away from the overhanging roadway when they get larger?
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2 years ago
A rural road.
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The first river I crossed
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One of the few roads without proper drainage. A minute later a truck came by and splashed me completely.
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Today's ride: 67 km (42 miles)
Total: 139 km (86 miles)

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