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January 15, 2023

Wildcamp in an AGVP shed south west of Tapi Aiki

We were up at five  o'clock  this morning,  hoping to get as early  a start as possible.  However it was after six thirty by the time we got going.  Javier had said that the wind would only come up after ten but it was already blowing gently.   

As we turned  onto Ruta Cuarenta  we realized that today's would be another tough ride.  The wind was gusting strongly from the south west and soon it was as bad as yesterday.  The first thirty kilometers is mostly  uphill although  not steep but combined  with the  wind  it was pretty  dreadful. 

Halfway down  the descent  after reaching  the top of the climb is an AGVP shed behind  which we had sheltered to eat some snacks five years ago and we stopped there to do the same this time around.  

There's shelter ahead!
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To my surprise the door wasn't  locked and within an instant we decided  that this is where we will spend the night.  It was only  ten o'clock  in the morning and we had less than twenty  five kilometers  to go but this solved the problem of being  a day ahead of schedule and also got us out of the wind.  So after some snacks we setup the tent and had a nap. 

All set up in the shed.
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At about two o'clock the door opened and  outside stood Jacobus.  It was great to meet up with  him again.  He had left El Calafate yesterday and had spent last night at the old police station.   He had ridden hard to get here but was also desperate to find some shelter after almost eighty  kilometers in the wind.

Starting to get crowded.
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Both ourselves and Jacobus had food to finish before crossing back into Chile.  Jacobus hauled out a big slab of cheese from one of his panniers while we supplied some olives and wine.  Tuna and wraps with a red pepper and the last of our onion made do for our main course and we had Maria biscuits and dulche de leche for dessert. 

Primero plato. Olives straight from the packet and the cheese cut up on the spot but the wine had been elegantly decanted from the TetraPac to a Coca Cola bottle the day before.
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We set our alarms for five thirty so that we can make it to the border post as soon as possible after it opens at eight o'clock tomorrow morning.   We are hoping to spend two nights in Cerro Castillo but Jacobus is carrying on to Puerto Natales. 

Today's ride: 33 km (20 miles)
Total: 5,672 km (3,522 miles)

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