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November 22, 2022

Villa Mascardi

We only got away after nine thirty and had to make a few stops (pharmacy and ATM) before leaving town.  The climb out of Bariloche was pretty steep to start off with but soon settled down to an easier gradient.  Thank goodness our digs were halfway up the hill to start off with. 

For the first few kilometers the traffic was bumper to bumper.  We guessed that rush hour had been delayed because Argentina's first match of World Cup 2022 was played this morning (for the record Saudi Arabia beat Argentina 2-1 in what is considered to be the biggest upset in World Cup history) and we got caught in workers rushing to get to work a couple of hours later than usual.  It was ten thirty by the time we escaped Bariloche's clutches.

Once out of town the traffic moderated somewhat and we enjoyed another picturesque ride passed lakes surrounded by snow capped mountains.  At what point do we get tired of all of this?  Will our senses eventually become blunted?  It's not something we haven't seen before and we knew what we would see but yet we can't stop ourselves from wanting to see it again.

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Our campsite at Las Carpitas is nestled amongst the trees on a little hill above Ruta Cuarenta so there is a lot of traffic noise but the campsite itself is well laid out and quite attractive.  At five thousand pesos for the two of us it is more expensive than the apartment we had in Bariloche but we knew that when we set out this morning so we have no right to complain.

Not sure about the bicycle in the tree.
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Our digs for the night.
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Today's ride: 35 km (22 miles)
Total: 3,775 km (2,344 miles)

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