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December 19, 2022

Rio Tranqillo

The quality of the  ripio over past three days has varied from dreadful to okay but for the first fourteen kilometers today we enjoyed a wonderfully smooth road of packed earth.

The smooth road through an avenue of trees just before the Puerto Murta junction.
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However,  after the Puerto Murta junction the road deteriorated and the second half of the ride was on some awful ripio. The views however went some way to make it worthwhile.   Lago General Carrera is Chile's largest lake and has a lovely blue colour.  It is home to the famous marble caves and the village of Puerto Rio Tranquilo's economy is built on the tourists that visit to see the caves.

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Lago General Carrera.
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We have a cabaña for the night. A chance to cook a big meal and do our laundry.  A short ride to the next campsite tomorrow but the road conditions and wind have always been difficult in the past so let's hope they will be easier tomorrow. 

Today's ride: 38 km (24 miles)
Total: 4,816 km (2,991 miles)

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