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October 26, 2022

Algarrobo del Aguila

The forecast for today was southerly winds of thirty to fifty kilometers per hour so even though Algarrobo del Aguila was only thirty kilometers south of Santa Isabel it was a tough and unpleasant ride. However, we had two interesting sights along the way.

The first was a large shrine to the Difunta Correa complete with a satellite shrine to Gauchito Gil on one side and a hovel inhabited by who-knows-what on the other.

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This shrine had even more goodies to offer cycle tourists in distress than simple bottles of water.
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The second nice sighting was our first view of snow on the extinct volcano Payun Matru in the La Payunia volcanic reserve almost two hundred kilomters away.  It rises over three thousand meters above the plains and tops out at three thousand six hundred and eighty meters above sea level.  The reserve is the most concentrated area of volcanoes in the world with more than eight hundred plus about a thousand volcanic cones.

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We have a very nice cabaña for the night, coincidentally owned by the sister of the lady whose cabaña we stayed in last night.  The shops here were no better than in Santa Isabel but there was a shop selling Gaucho gear from saddles and bridles to clothing.  Since I had lost my hat about a month ago I thought it was time to replace it.

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We are hoping to be on the road before sunrise tomorrow because it is about a hundred and fifteen  kilometers to the next town and the forecast temperature maxes out at thirty two degrees.  So we have stocked up on liquids and have prepared all our meals for the road in advance.  Wild camping is always an option but it will be the last option we take.

Today's ride: 33 km (20 miles)
Total: 2,723 km (1,691 miles)

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