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September 13, 2021

Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania

Today we headed out on the 62 mile Pine Creek Trail.  This is another of the trails several people told me I would love...and they were right.  There are several outstanding features but the first among many is the trail running through a magnificent deep canyon.  In yesterday's post I included a pic taken from the  Leonard Harrison State Park 850 feet above the trail.  At its highest point the rim is 1,450 above the trail!

Laura and I had arranged for a shuttle to pick us up at Rattlesnake Rock and deposit us at Darling Run.  This would allow us to more easily explore the 17 mile section down to Blackwell.  There are no intersecting roads in this section and it certainly feels quite remote as you pass between Pine Creek and the very steep deeply wooded canyon walls.

Let the adventure begin.
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Certainly more of a river than a creek.
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Lengthy sections of sandstone cliff throughout the canyon.
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The trail itself was in great shape.  Predominantly well packed crushed limestone providing for easy riding.

Laura waiting for yours truly.
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There were many tempting shots of Pine Creek but one that stood out were some geese.  I can honestly say I have never seen geese in a river in moving current.

Geese enjoying the creek's current.
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Brian LebeufI guess they couldn't find tubes...
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5 days ago

This section also offered a hiker/biker campsite for anyone looking to extend their adventure.

Beautiful campsite between the trail and Pine Creek.
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The miles passed quickly and we found ourselves in the tiny community of Blackwell where we enjoyed a quick stop at Miller's Store then it was back on our bikes headed two miles to Rattlesnake Rock where we had spotted our truck.

It was at this point we parted ways.  We would reconnect in Jersey Shore 35 miles down the trail.

The balance of the trail wandered in and out of a few villages that had survived when the area's booming logging industry went bust.  The river was a constant companion.

Pine Creek as it approaches Jersey Shore.
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The sound of traffic will generally let you know when you are approaching the end of a trail.  This was certainly the case with Pine Creek but one of the things that made it so enjoyable was the wooded trail right to the end.

Trail's end in Jersey Shore.
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When we shuttled to Darling Run to start our day, we skipped the trail's first 9 miles.  It was my intention when I arrived in Jersey Shore to shuttle to Wellsboro Junction at the trail's north end and complete the 9 miles.  After 55 miles in the saddle, an hour shuttle to Wellsboro Junction and impending rain, a change in plan was called for.  I'll head to Wellsboro Junction in the morning before we head to eastern PA and the longest trail of the trip.

Today's ride: 55 miles (89 km)
Total: 309 miles (497 km)

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