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August 29, 2021

Ahh...A Bluebird Day

What an amazing day to finish the Central Lakes / Lake Wobegon trails.  Bright skies with temps in the mid-70's.

Today's ride began in Osakis and ended in St. Joseph Township nearly 50 miles down the trail. 

The two trails run into each other in Osakis. Great planning.
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The tasting room is unfortunately closed on Sundays. Their signature spirit is Ordeal Bourbon...hmmm.
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 Yesterday's rain coupled with another overnight storm left a fair amount of debris on the trail.  Shortly after heading out I needed to work around another downed tree and skirt a few that partially blocked my way.  Had I started a little earlier I would have had my hands full.  About 10 miles down the trail I encountered 2 trucks, 4 men and a bobcat.  They had just finished clearing a 2 mile section of trail of approximately 2 dozen downed trees.  They cut them up and pushed them off to the side of the trail.  I would have had to figure out a lengthy reroute on the fly...so grateful.

Laura and I agreed to meet up in Freeport 28 miles down trail for some refreshment at Oak Station Coffee and Cone.  It was so good we decided to stop there again on the shuttle back to Alexandria.

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The final 22 miles were so enjoyable.  Not much debris, smooth paved surface, mild temps, rolling landscape...just couldn't ask for more.

Part of what makes this ride so enjoyable.
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 The trailhead had a great rest area where, in the Lake Wobegon tradition, all the visitors are above average!

Nice end to a wonderful ride.
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Tomorrow we are off to the southeast corner for the last ride in Minnesota but first we stop in Minneapolis for some bike related bling...not necessarily what you might think.  Stay tuned.

Today's ride: 49 miles (79 km)
Total: 757 miles (1,218 km)

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