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Reporting bad forum behavior

Jeff Arnim

Although I don't expect too many problems with forum users not respecting the posting guidelines, it's good to be prepared. With that in mind, you'll now see a "Flag" option located near the bottom of every forum post. This gives you the chance to let forum moderators know about a questionable post and explain why you think the post goes against the guidelines.

On their end, moderators have three options for dealing with bad forum behavior: remove the post in question; lock the entire thread (to preserve the parts that followed the rules, but prevent further negative posts from spoiling it); or remove the thread altogether if it's been bad news from the start.

The example post below this one shows what a removed post looks like. You'll still be able to see who posted the message and when, but the content will no longer be visible and you won't be able to reply to the post either. On locked threads, no one will be able to post further replies or make additional edits to their existing posts; everything is frozen in time. Removed threads disappear like they never existed at all.

No one wants to see discussions here turn toxic, so I want to make sure the community feels empowered to do their part in making sure expectations for behavior are met. This feels like a good first step.

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10 months ago
Jeff ArnimTo Jeff Arnim

This post failed to follow forum guidelines. It was removed by a moderator.

10 months ago
Scott AndersonTo Jeff Arnim

Looks like a great solution to me.  I think it’s better to leave the thread structurally in place, with the content and its source blocked like this.

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10 months ago
Mike AylingTo Scott Anderson

I agree Scott.


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10 months ago
Karen CookTo Jeff Arnim

Looks like a great solution.  Thanks Jeff!


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9 months ago