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Toe clips, clip in or flat pedals and do you pull up on the pedal stroke? (page 2)

Jacquie GaudetTo Mike Ayling

I use or have used a variety of pedals as an adult.  I started using strapless toeclips at first--I remember buying them and what they looked like (leather-wrapped metal) but not when I got them, but it was probably in the late 1970s.  My first quality bike was a Miyata tourer that came equipped with standard metal clips and straps, though I never tightened the straps.  I acquired my first cycling shoes around then; they had stiff soles but no cleats so they were easy to get in and out of the toe clips, comfortable for both riding and some walking.  I only stopped using these pedals and switched to clip-in when I could no longer find cycling shoes  to fit the toe clips easily.  Shoes designed for recessed SPD cleats were just too bulky.  My latest SPD shoes are the most comfortable I've ever owned and also the stiffest, so it's a good thing I always take a second pair of shoes or sandals for walking. 

I can ride short flat distances using my walking footwear on my SPD pedals, even though they are SPD on both sides.  I used to flip my toe-clip pedals but appreciate being able to clip in on either side so I don't see myself ever getting double-sided pedals since, living in the bike-theft capital of Canada in a neighbourhood with most needs within walking distance and excellent transit service, I don't use a bike for errands.

If I were planning to do an off-road tour with a lot of hike-a-bike, I'd probably use my mountain bike (flat) pedals and 5-10 shoes.  And get a rack for my mountain bike.

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