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Andy GirvanTo Lyle McLeod

I have had a "play" with the forum and created (now deleted) a test Journal.

Embedding GPX from Komoot is not accepted (as Lyle stated - Strava and RWGPS work).  That's not a issue.  I can continue to use Komoot for route planning and route guidance via my Wahoo Elemnt.  I have linked my Wahoo account to RWGPS which means I can take the embedding code for any Journal.  This will give me a record of the route done rather than the route planned.  Planned routes will be in Komoot.

I tried Strava but the embedded map was static - i.e. there was no zoom in/out functionality.  RWGPS gives a dynamic map allowing readers to zoom out and see where I am in context of the whole area.

I uploaded a handful of photos and was able to re-order before posting.  Is it possible to re-order photos after posting?

Is it possible to have admin transfer a journal from crazy guy on a bike?  I only have one but like this format better but would like all my journals in one location.

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3 weeks ago
Scott AndersonTo Andy Girvan

Hi, Andy!  Welcome to the site.  In the past at least it’s been possible to have journals copied forward, and I assume it still is.  Many here have preserved their old journals that way.  Just send a message to the site administrator, Jeff Arnim.

It’s much easier to sequence photos before posting, but you can move them one at a time using the cut option on the image and then using the paste icon on the control bar (the normal paste function does not work for this).  Hope this helps.

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3 weeks ago
Andy GirvanTo Scott Anderson

Thanks Scott

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3 weeks ago
Lyle McLeodTo Andy Girvan

Hi Andy,

Good to see that your 'play date' was successful. Regarding getting planned routes into the journal, can you download a GPX of your 'Plan' from Komoot and then upload this into RWGPS to get the embed code?

 I do have a Komoot account but never really used it as the rendering of the pages didn't work well on my iPad. There seems to be a lot of functionality in the app so I'd be very surprised if you weren't able to export a gpx file of your planned route.

Regarding transferring journals / files, I was very fortunate that my request to Jeff came in early 2020 just a covid lockdowns were starting. I was also at the front end of what turned out to be a tidal wave of immigration requests around that time. I had three journals on CGOAB and within a month or so all of them had been ported over here by Jeff. 

One thing to note though was that all the maps were gone (and I was forewarned). Fortunately though I did have all our rides saved within Garmin Connect and it wasn't too much work to get all the maps input into our new journals here. It turned out to be a good Covid project and also allowed time to proofread and correct the (many ... far too many) spelling and grammar errors in our journals. Hopefully you have files saved within a Wahoo account. If not you may want to export the map files from your CGOAB journal. In the dark recesses of my memory I think that this is possible.

On a different note, in your last comment / reply to me you mentioned you would be in Cochrane from 10-14 June. Did you mean Canmore or is Cochrane correct? Cochrane's about 50 km east of us but still easy to get to. There's a growing number of folks who work in Canmore or Banff that now live in Cochrane and commute. Either way we would be able to arrange a meet up then and possibly when we're in North Berwick as well.

You can reach me at ltmcleod1 at gmail dot com and we can take that conversation off this thread.

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3 weeks ago