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How do you find camping sites in Europe?

runchun he

Hello everyone, I am HE from China. In 2024, I plan to travel by tent and bike in Europe. I would like to know how you are looking for camping sites. Can bike and car camping sites be shared? What are the recommended apps? thanks

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2 months ago
Keith KleinTo runchun he

Hello He,

Welcome to Cycleblaze. Camping places are easy to find in France, where I live. There are printed guides available in several languages, and applications for your phone plus websites on the internet. Also there are many places with an Office de Tourisme, or tourist office with people who will be happy to help you. You may even find someone who speaks mandarin! But English is almost universally spoken by the tourist agencies and guides as well as hotel staff.

As for other countries, in Western Europe you will find camping places everywhere and usually they are well signed and easy to find. You can also wild camp, but caution is advised and you should know a little about the country you are in . As everywhere, asking for help from local people usually produces results and has the bonus of getting to meet people. 

I have little experience in Eastern Europe, but many Cycleblazers do, and browsing the journals might produce some helpful ideas. 

Bike and car camping sites are shared, but you can often find them separated, and if you register in a campground you will be assigned your own place. 

Bonne route, et bienvenue a bord!


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2 months ago
runchun heTo Keith Klein

Thank you Keith. I will first go on a cycling trip to France next year and would like to see the D Day commemorative event. Next, I will cycle from west to east. The information you provided is very helpful, thank you.

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2 months ago