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Carolyn van Hoeve

I know there has been some discussion about coming up with solutions for stashing bikes, so wanted to add to the conversation with a solution that has turned out perfectly for us.We’ve just completed our tour from Frankfurt to Paris and fortuitously found a place only an hour away from Paris where we have stored our E-Bikes long term. Incredibly friendly owner and his wife (ex UK) who bought an old farmhouse 18 years ago and have done a fantastic job renovating it. Also very conveniently, he runs a B&B with three self contained Gites. He used to advertise on AirBnB but had a number of bad experiences, so now would prefer to only deal with a smaller number of guests like ourselves who are cyclists/cycle touring. He and his wife are both cyclists and have a fully stocked bike workshop which is another big bonus. In the past he has run cycling tours in the area. He’s willing to do CDG Airport pick-ups and drop offs, store bikes, offer accommodation and generally help with the bikes in any way he can. He will charge our batteries as necessary and keep an eye on the tyres.The train station is less than 2km from his property and it takes 45mins to get to the centre of Paris.

This could also be an ideal solution for people arriving/departing from the airport with bike boxes and needing to get set up/packed up. I’m sure he would also be willing to have bike boxes on hand.After all the generosity he has shown us, wanted to put in a good word for him whilst potentially helping some others here whom this might be a solution for.His email is and his cycling Facebook page is Vexintrex.

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7 months ago
Kelly IniguezTo Carolyn van Hoeve

Thank you for sharing this resource! One cyclist helping another. Perfect!

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7 months ago
Bob RaynardTo Carolyn van Hoeve

Fahrrad Kuchler, just outside of Frankfurt Airport will also store bike batteries.  They charge E7.50 per month.  The fee includes periodic charging, and payment is due when you pick up your battery at the end of the storage.  Rambling details below:

My wife and I just finished a European tour.  We used to ship Bridget's battery overseas, but the packaging requirements have gotten progressively more demanding, which has resulted in heavier and heavier boxes.  The last time we shipped her 5 lb battery it went in a 25 pound box, with air freight to match, and I realized it was cheaper to just buy a new battery in Europe.

So before our last trip I tried to email bike shops in the area of Frankfurt airport, and got nowhere.  I believe some filter somewhere thinks there is no legitimate reason for someone in Canada to email a German bike store, and so it casts out our email as spam.  Fortunately, Fahrrad Kuchler in Morfelden (just south of FRA) has an email form on their website, so I was able to get through that way.  We arranged to buy a battery, and when we picked it up the fellow told us about their storage service.

Riding from the airport to Fahrrad Kuchler is about 16 km.  The route is flat and stress free. 

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6 months ago