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What makes a tour a win, or a fail? (page 2)

Rachel and Patrick HugensTo Graham Smith

Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. I have to say Patrick and I have a similar story and will be celebrating our 28th in another month.

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1 month ago
Jacquie GaudetTo Kelly Iniguez

Hmmm. I’ve enjoyed every tour, though perhaps not every minute of each one. 

The one I look back on most fondly, though, was my solo tour through the Pyrenees. Perhaps because this was my first big solo tour?

It’s not like I don’t enjoy touring with Al, but after 35 years together, it’s kinda nice to do things on my own, at my own speed.  I think I enjoy riding more when I know he’s not waiting for me and I can ride at my own speed and stop whenever I want (to take photos, check the map, whatever), without any concern about someone waiting. 

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3 weeks ago