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Folding a New World Tourist with disc brakes

Keith Adams

Over on the Yak List (a Google Group discussion for Bike Friday owners/enthusiasts) someone posed a question / complaint about interference between the front disc brake unit and the rear derailleur and rack when they folded their disc brake equipped New World Tourist:

However when I attempt to quick fold it
- the front wheel disc brake bashes the back derailleur 
- the front disc brake hits the back rack.

I don't think this is in the context of packing the bike for shipping, but rather doing the "quick fold" for stowage when on a bus or train, when space is limited.  I know I've read accounts in some of the journals here (Grampies and/or Andersons) of people having folded NWTs in such circumstances.  I know the Team Anderson NWTs are disc brake models; not certain about Steve's (I know Dodie's has Magura hydraulics so it doesn't fit the target profile).

Can anyone offer insights, advice, or information I could pass along?

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1 week ago
Scott AndersonTo Keith Adams

We haven’t had problems with either of these issues as long as we’re paying attention when we fold them, with either of our bikes (relevant because they’re significantly different sizes).

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1 week ago