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What happened?

Mike Ayling

This morning when I attempted to login there was an error message

Joffa107 @ is locked out.

A little later all was well again.

Any ideas?

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1 week ago
Jeff ArnimTo Mike Ayling

I just had to open the closet door and give the database server a swift kick.

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1 week ago
Jonathan HechtTo Jeff Arnim

Hi there. Hope all is well wherever you and the family may be.

I, too, have had a question about logging in, so when I saw this thread, I thought I’d pose my question. Specifically, is there a limit to the number of devices I can have signed in at any one time? It seems like three is the max and then I have to sign in if I use a fourth. That fourth sign in forces a logout on one of the other devices.

It’s not really that much of a problem, but it would be nice to know the protocol.



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1 week ago
Jeff ArnimTo Jonathan Hecht

Hi Jonathan,

There's no built in limit. I was able to sign in four separate times on four different browsers and remain logged into each session, so there doesn't appear to be anything else limiting sign-ins to three devices.

The issue can possibly appear otherwise if you don't check the "Stay signed in" box when logging in. If you happen to close your browser window and then come back later, the site will prompt you to log in again. Some browsers also clear cookies more frequently than others, which can cause active sessions to be closed, even if you previously opted to stay signed in.

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2 days ago