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Steve Miller/Grampies

For the first time, in Grampies Search for the Meaning of Life, I illustrated some of the story with brief video clips. Cycleblaze  provides for virtually unlimited videos, but most authors think of what we are doing as photo illustrated text stories, rather than VBLOGS.  Usually on Cycleblaze if there is going to be video, it will be GoPro footage from the trail. I don't think I have ever even seen something from a drone, though as I say, there is nothing to prevent it.

Grampies Search actually had thirty-five 1-2 minute videos. These mainly covered parades, musicians,and festivals, though there are also lightening storms and one just of the river Drau flowing. The one I like best is Neubeuren Festival though reviewing it just now, Youtube or something has degraded the resolution. I like that one because it illustrates a community unconsciously immersed in its traditional music and dress, and the fact that we accidentally pedaled into the middle of it. 

Typically these videos have about 40 views, though Old Man Starts Old Tractor was a winner at 459 views. 

I haven't thought much about the videos since posting them, but today I stumbled on one - Cow vs Bike that begins with one or two ads. Youtube thinks they can make some money from it? Well yes, it has 7,453 views! Now yes, it was rather brilliant to capture my favourite Swiss style brown cows with their bells, walking freely around our bikes and others - but 7,453 views? Youtube says the "world" has so far spent 88 hours watching these cows!  

Lots of interested cyclists? or farmers? Actually no. Youtube says most of my "fans" are from India. Go figure.

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1 week ago