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Journal comments not showing in journal

Kelly Iniguez

Something I'm having trouble with right now, that I'm going to make a separate post about, is that I have people commenting on my current Big Mountains journal, the emails are arriving to me. But, when I click on the link to go back and reply, the comments are not there. ??? Even if I scroll through the entire page, looking for them, no comments. I've had 5-6 comments in the past two days that don't show, and I can't reply to. The only way I know they have been made is the email notification to me. 

Big Mountains, Small Towns is my current journal. I also lost a recent post.  Scott Anderson replied that a reason for losing the text on a recent post could be if I have the edit feature open on two devices. I think this is entirely possible, as I enter photos straight from my phone, and do text on the computer. 

That doesn't address the comments not showing part of my quandary. 

Has anyone else had the comments issue?

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4 weeks ago
Jeff ArnimTo Kelly Iniguez

Looking through the CycleBlaze database, I see nine comments in your journal from the past couple of days, all of which are also shown in the full list of journal comments accessible from the main page of the journal. When I click on the link to the comment from that page, I end up at the right place.

I'm also able to view these comments on the journal pages themselves, either by clicking the comment icon for the related image or map, or by clicking the comment icon at the bottom of the page where someone has left a general comment on that particular entry.

In reviewing the email logs associated with the notifications you received, everything seems normal there as well.

But with so many different browser/operating system combinations in use on CycleBlaze, and so many different email clients and systems to which messages can be sent, it's certainly possible that something is amiss for you in particular. This happens more often than you might expect. If you wouldn't mind forwarding me some of the emails from the last few days I'll take a look and see if I can learn something from them.

With regard to the other issue, I think Scott's assessment is correct. If an entry is being edited in two different tabs, or on two different devices, whichever one saves most recently becomes the saved version (and any previous version is overwritten). I think we've all made that mistake at least once. I'm currently looking at ways to address this issue, along with disabling the ability to attempt to save an entry if your internet connection is unstable, which is another common source of lost entries.

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4 weeks ago
Kelly IniguezTo Jeff Arnim


At the time I wrote the above post - the only comment I could see for Days 6 and 7 was the one from Genny Fox. Now, I can see additional comments from Jerry Witherspoon, Scott Anderson, and Rachel Anderson.  I had received emails showing the comments, but couldn't see them on the journal pages at all, despite hitting refresh. 

It appears that problem was temporary, and mine only? Thank you for your detailed reply and attention to my issue. 

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4 weeks ago
Keith AdamsTo Kelly Iniguez

Possibly related, possibly not?

Yesterday I saw, very briefly, an entry in @RacPat's Great Divide journal about their change of plans.  It was definitely a placeholder- very brief, and saying only (in effect, not a direct quote) "Change of plans is coming- stay tuned".  It showed- and still does show- as an item in my "What's New" feed.

A few minutes later I checked again and the post had disappeared.  I assumed that they had elected to delete it, in favor of a later more detailed entry but so far nothing's appeared in its place.

@Jeff Arnim: I sometimes get What's New entries that say so-and-so has created an entry in such-and-such a journal but there's no indication of it in the journal's TOC when I follow the link.  I've assumed that these were cases where someone made an update to an existing page but forgot to click the "This is a minor update" checkbox.  Perhaps my surmise is incorrect?

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4 weeks ago
Jeff ArnimTo Keith Adams

I'll send you an email to get some more details. Thanks for the heads up.

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4 weeks ago
Keith AdamsTo Jeff Arnim

Got it, and have now replied.  Thanks, Jeff.

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3 weeks ago