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A review of PedalCell, an impressive new rim dynamo

Ray Swartz

I just finished testing of the PedalCell, a new rim dynamo that is designed to charge USB devices while you ride. I was impressed by how much charge it delivered. If you tour with USB-chargeable devices, this dynamo will keep them in electricity without requiring you to plug them into wall outlets.

Here is a quick summary: Every time I rode with the PedalCell, my iPhone ended up with more power at the end of the ride than when I started, no matter what apps I ran on it or how long I rode. My estimate is that it added 20% charge to my new iPhone 12 per hour of riding.

I written up my findings in a detailed review of the device  for those who want more information, including photos and numbers.

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10 months ago
Kelly IniguezTo Ray Swartz


Thank you for posting this here. I encourage others to read Ray's very detailed review. 

We met a man this summer who was using the PedalCell - he was happy with it. 


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10 months ago
John SaxbyTo Ray Swartz

Thanks for this, Ray.  Let me compliment you on the quality of your review -- very thorough, well-illustrated and well-written.  Technical writing is no easy matter, and your long review is an example of how to do it well.

I'd not heard of the PedalCell, though I've seen reference to  a similar device (Velogical). 

For the moment, on tour, I've reached a satisfactory equilibrium among my power generator (SON28 hub dyno), charger (Sinewave), storage batt (Anker 5200), and sundry devices to be charged (Cygolite headlight, tail light, iPhone8, sometimes Panasonic Lumix camera, headlamp).  The latter items, happily, don't need to be charged all at once -- at most, a couple at a time, for which the splitter USB cable does the job.  As a rule, I don't let any of the devices get very low on power.

Your review gives me a good reference point for a different arrangement.  Thanks!

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10 months ago
Bob KoreisTo Ray Swartz

After my trip to Puglia, I can give an unqualified endorsement for the PedalCell. Even on the occasions when I was running Google maps for navigation and RWGPS for tracking, my phone kept or increased its charge. It was peace of mind not having to worry about the phone charge.

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3 weeks ago