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making journal public

Rachel and Patrick Hugens

Hi all,  Please ignore my post...we have it figured out and can't delete this post.

We are 30 days from our Northern Tier Tour and have been working on pages for the journal. Now ready to start publishing the start of the journal. The first few pages I (that's Rachel who is computer challenged) clicked at the bottom  Visible to public. Where do I find the journal to check if visible and I'm doing this correctly? When I view the journal at the top is a red band not visible to the public. 

UPDATED: I think I figured it out by clicking visible to public on the edit settings. Each page that is not visible to public will not show up? When I look at the journal all the pages that I've created but not made public I can see.



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4 days ago
Kathleen JonesTo Rachel and Patrick Hugens

Hi Racpat,

The red band is not visible to other readers. Only the journal pages that you set to be visible to the public are visible to us. It seems that the non-public pages are always be visible to you because it’s your journal. That confused me at first too - the non-public entries kept showing up in the contents; however, there was the crossed-out eye symbol which meant others can’t see it. Does that help?


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4 days ago
Rachel and Patrick HugensTo Kathleen Jones

Yes, thank you Kathleen! It's a learning curve to a new site :)

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4 days ago