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Twice around the world

Robert Ewing

I suppose not that big or significant an achievement for me or the Western Flyer. The bike has only been east of the Rocky Mountains twice in 14 years. It has been to Hawai`i  a couple of times. Still with the pandemic the last few hundred K took a year to complete. It seemed appropriate to stop and document the “mile stone”.

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1 week ago
Mike AylingTo Robert Ewing

Hi Robert

80,000km/50,000 miles is quite an achievement.

Chapeau as the French say.

Did you get the Italian decor computer in Europe?


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1 week ago
John SaxbyTo Robert Ewing

Serious bizness, Robert -- congratulations!  And all under your own power, too -- that makes it all the more noteworthy.  [From another POV, I'll soon mark my 74th journey around the sun.  But, I can't claim to have done that under my own steam ;) ]  

Keep on keeping on,  John

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3 days ago