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Is there a way to post journals here offline?

Joel Emo

When I tour I enjoy not having regular internet connection, otherwise it becomes a distraction, so I only use wifi when I can find it and just carry a iPhone or iPad mini and a digital camera for my electronics. 

I tired in 2019 uploading a journal to here but I found it just took forever with photos to upload using my iPhone when I did have wifi and I just didn't have the time to sit around and upload especially because if I left the cycle blaze web page it would stop uploading photos. 

While there was a couple of times during rain delays when I had time to edit my writing but since I didn't have internet I couldn't upload so I'm wondering if there is a way to say email my journal to be uploaded? Or another way to upload offline?

Obviously I can upload when I get home but often my tours are months at a time.

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1 month ago
Wayne EstesTo Joel Emo

Wi-Fi provides faster Internet access than a 4G network. If the day's upload is too slow via Wi-Fi it will be even slower by most other methods. Try a different hot spot if a particular Wi-Fi hot spot seems to have unusually slow upload speed.

You can reduce the long upload time by reducing the amount of data to upload. For example you could shrink the photo resolution before uploading, or upload fewer photos. 

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4 weeks ago
Scott AndersonTo Joel Emo

I haven’t got any ideas for options, but if you haven’t posted here for a few years you might be pleasantly surprised.  When I started I had more issues with how long it took and with upload termination, but I think it’s improved quite a bit since the early days.

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4 weeks ago