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How to embed maps into Cycleblaze Journal (page 2)

Scott AndersonTo Wayne Estes

This hasn’t been my experience.  The map and video both get trashed If I move any text, even just to cut and paste a text block from within the same post just to relocate it.

I agree though that it works to do all of your textual work first and then add the map afterwards.  I always curse myself when I don’t follow my own advice.

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2 weeks ago
Wayne EstesTo Scott Anderson

Yes, I had the same experience. Any editing of HTML causes errors, forcing me to re-create embedded links.

When creating my 1888-2002 journal I struggled with errors and disappearing maps on the first few pages because I was copying and pasting from a HTML web page. Then I started copying text from the Edit window instead of the web page. That solved the problem completely.

On my old web journal, I click Edit, then highlight and copy the entire page of text all at once and paste it into the CycleBlaze editor. Then I replace the old photo references with new photos. Fast and easy!

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2 weeks ago