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What kind of journals do you prefer? (page 2)

Jacquie GaudetTo Mike Ayling

I read lots of journals for various reasons, including  research (do I want to go there? ideas for routes and accommodation if I’m planning a trip there), vicarious travel (to places I’ve been or doubt I’d ever go), or just an entertaining read. I like photos and MAPS. 

I’ve always kept a journal on major trips because I wanted to remember (and identify my photos when I got them back from the lab).  I discovered online journals (on that other site) after a nasty ski injury that needed 8 weeks of no loadbearing—which triggered a lot of screen time, though I missed no work. I ended up ordering a custom-sized Co-Motion Pangea and planning my first real tours since before kids. 

I so enjoyed reading other people’s journals and being able to use them for research that I decided to post mine too so others could read them if they wished. One of these days I’ll post our 1992 pre-kids trip, the one that triggered my love of touring in Europe. It was 23 years before we made it back and 2 years away now is painful. 

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2 weeks ago
Rachel and Patrick HugensTo Kelly Iniguez

Hi kelly,

We are new to cycleblaze and working on getting our journals moved. Good to hear adding maps is easy. As weve not explored the site too much yet, is there a help button?


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2 weeks ago