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From Show me MO! by Tom Bilcze

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Tom Bilcze replied to a comment by Al Burnard on Katy trail tour reflections

You should ride it post-COVID-19. The experience would be better. So many things were closed or operating on limited schedules. The scenery was OK but not spectacular. It's a one time ride for me. Just a little too far to do again. The GAP and C&O is more convenient and more scenic.

4 months ago
Al Burnard commented on Katy trail tour reflections

Hey Tom. I made note of your comment that the KATY warrants a ride by any RT cyclist. I take that as a recommendation the trail should be on my bucket list for a future ride. I've talked to some people who raved about the KATY and others who said it was kind of meh! I'm assuming it's worth riding once and then moving on to other adventures, unlike your annual GAPCO ride. Thoughts!!!

4 months ago
Al Burnard commented on Pedaling to a memorable end of the tour

I have totally enjoyed your week long travelogue -- or is that bike-a-logue! Some day when I do the KATY I'll have a nice itinerary as a starting point. I'll be interested to read your thoughts about the trail! Safe journeys wherever they may take you!

4 months ago
Stephen Peel commented on Rolling on the river but not with Tina

It certainly looks beautiful in those parts. I have driven over 10k miles through the Southern States and the West Coast in the USA over 10 weeks with my wife, and we are looking to return for another drive at some point. This is a great site too. Enjoy your rides. Steve.

4 months ago
Tom Bilcze replied to a comment by Paul Krieg on Why Missouri and the Katy?

Thanks for the reminder Paul, I cycled the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath for many years with similar trail conditions. I need to check my lube supply. The brush is an excellent addition. Both go on my tour packing checklist. I carry a few rags for that purpose but the brush would help clean components too.

4 months ago
Paul Krieg commented on Why Missouri and the Katy?

Tom: be sure to use a wax based chain lube on your chains and take some extra with you. You made need it to on the trail. The Katy Trail is DUSTY!!!!!!!!! I rode the Katy last year both directions, and was astonished at the amount of dust I managed to stir up at my slow pace, about 10 mph. (see "Crosswinds" journal on this site) Also, you may want to carry a small "foxtail" type brush for dusting off your bikes at the end of the day. Keeps the motel housekeeping staff happy.
Paul Krieg

4 months ago