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From Across France to the world's biggest bike rally by Leo Woodland

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Catherine Hastings commented on Grodzinski's Tower

Greetings! On Friday night we are hosting some keen cyclists interested in finding out ALL about cycle touring. Malcolm and I will do our best to get them hooked. I know they speak French and have France in their sights as part of other European touring. You had two wonderful articles at CGOAB - one on touring in France, tips etc; and the second suggested less well known but excellent places to target a trip by bike. Is there anywhere that these resources can still be accessed? If you have them in a format you are able to share, I am at cath_hastings at yahoo dot com.
I love your writing by the way and have been enjoying your journals for years!! They provide lots of snorts and giggles.

5 years ago
Leo Woodland commented on Meeting Miracle Man

Or Coffee, Tea and Cakes, indeed. Nice to see you here on Cycleblaze.

6 years ago
Michel Fleurance commented on Meeting Miracle Man

Hi Léo,

' Sem Fed with a CTC trip ' do you mean Cafés to Cafés ?
My first SF was Saumur with my friend Philippe from Léognan.
Chapeau to Chris Davies.

Happy winter from Sainte Luce sur Loire,

6 years ago