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From Vuelta a Iberia by Scott Anderson & Rachael Anderson

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Scott Anderson commented on San Jose

Thanks, Susan! It’s nice getting late messages like this - it stretches the event out longer. Hope you’re well down there. Happy holidays!

2 months ago
Susan Carpenter commented on San Jose

A very belated Happy Birthday Scott! Wishing you many more years of inspired, and inspirational, pedaling.
Love the video Rachael - I've always thought that you two rock, but cool jazz seems much more fitting.
I look forward to reading more on your adventures in Spain and SoCal. Enjoy the holidays and best in the New Year.

2 months ago
Scott Anderson commented on Transitions

Thanks again for keeping us company, Angela. We’re sorry to see it end ourselves, although we are enjoying having a whole conversation in English again. It was time for a change, but I’m sure we’ll be back if health and luck hold out.

And thanks for the wishes for our health. We’re both fully recovered, thankfully.

2 months ago
Angela Naef commented on Transitions

I so enjoyed following your adventures. Thank you for sharing and making it so interesting. I’ll miss my vicarious travel through Spain and Portugal every evening when I read your daily update. Hope you are both feeling better soon.

2 months ago
Tricia Graham commented on Transitions

I do feel for you I was sick last year flying from Auckland to NZ and it was pure hell

2 months ago
Ron Suchanek commented on Transitions

+1 on the Norovirus. Hope you both feel better soon.

2 months ago
Jen Grumby commented on Transitions


Yes, hope it's a short-lived bug that doesn't interfere too much with your ability to rest on the flight.

2 months ago
Bruce Lellman commented on Transitions

So sorry to hear this. I hope your flight is not one you will talk about as the flight from Hell. To be sick on a plane is no fun at all. Good luck.

2 months ago
Andrea Brown commented on Transitions

Oh no! Let’s hope it’s not a Norovirus or that flight is going to be pure hell. Fingers crossed.

2 months ago
Suzanne Gibson commented on Transitions

I just hope you can sleep through the flight and that you recover quickly from whatever bug you have! Hasta la vista in San Diego!

2 months ago
Jen Grumby commented on a photo in In Valencia, day 3: the city

Fascinating. And I just read that the dresses can cost as much as $20,000 Euros!

Not sure I'd want to spend that much on a dress that looks so uncomfortable.

2 months ago
Ron Suchanek replied to a comment by Scott Anderson on a photo in Puerto de Mazarrón

You aren't wrong. I have a ton of ideas. Apparently I gravitate towards quantity over qualiity.

2 months ago
Scott Anderson replied to a comment by Jen Grumby on a photo in In Valencia, day 3: the city

Thanks for prompting me to look this up. She’s a Fallera, as are the ones we saw the next evening. It’s a traditional Valencian style, almost a whole lifestyle for the participants. They dress up this way for the Falla, Valencia’s most important festival, which falls in March; but they trot themselves out for other festivities throughout the year also.

And no, I doubt she could dance in that. She could hardly even sit down when she was posing for a shot on the stairs.

2 months ago
Scott Anderson replied to a comment by Jen Grumby on a photo in In Valencia, day 4: Alto del Garbi

It was great, alright. Not really typical though and I’m not sure if it’s really a bike lane. It only lasted for about three or four miles.

2 months ago
Scott Anderson replied to a comment by Ron Suchanek on a photo in Murcia

Jen! Get a handle on this guy!

2 months ago