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I am a long time cyclist. I had several bikes when I was young that I rode to school until they fell apart due to my lack of maintenance skills. By the time I got to Sydney University to complete my engineering degree I had switched to basketball and cycling was no longer on the radar. 

In my third year at University I moved into a shared house about 12km for Uni and decided to get a bicycle to increase my fitness for basketball. My first bike was promptly stolen from the bottom of the engineering building with me turning up just as the guy was riding off on my new transport/fitness regime.

Not to be deterred I got a second bike and a much bigger lock. It was my first U lock and weighed as much as the bike. No one was getting away with my bike again!

Some time in my 4th year of engineering our basketball team was going away for a weekend tournament and Bill Sargent and I decided we would ride our bikes the 90km to the competition. By the end of the day I had fallen in love with long distance cycling and this was the start of my quest to find out how far I could ride. 

Several years latter I had finished my degrees and like all good Australians planned a 8 month tour of Europe. With my new found love of cycling I convinced my girl friend to do it on a bicycle.

So in 1989 we went to Paris and purchased 2 mountain bikes. We had brought with us our Australian made Bunyip canvas panniers. These things were built to survive anything you could throw at them even if they were not quiet waterproof.


So after 8 months we had seen parts of France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and finishing up on the Amalfi cost of Italy. It was a fantastic trip and we went home with all our credit cards maxed out.

Upon returning I thought I still needed a bigger challenge so I set my sights on the 1200km, 3 day Audax Paris-Breast-Paris

Paris Best Paris

I started training with a plan to build up to 600km/week of riding while working full-time. In the year I completed the PBP I rode over 20,000km and completed the PBP in 76 hours. 

This was my last big adventure for many years as my attentions were on my two young boys and work. I continued to ride to work most days and do the occasional 200km Randonnuer in Sydney. The next phase of my wanderings started when I meet my now wife in 2011. We have done many adventures and one winter I might sit down and write about some of them.