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Up Through The Red Centre Of OZ 1759
The Turtle Rides To India 1357
South East Asia Again 1559
South East Asia For A Couple Of Months 1013
The Mekong Delta 289
Vietnam Mark III 242
Vietnam Revisited 282
Ho Chi Minh Hwy South out of Hanoi 254
Hatchling Turtle(s) In The Himalayas 525


I'm a 1962 vintage retiree living in Darwin Australia who loves to cycle tour. It's the adventure of the tour that I like. When younger I did a lot of backbacking - loved it......but.... something was missing. 

3 months backpacking around Europe by Eurail pass in 1987 was awesome but I would get to a hostel and off to see the sights like everyone else. The sights, whilst well worth seeing, mostly, weren't what really grabbed me though - it was the travelling adventure that I liked and backpacking (FOR ME) was just lacking a bit. Morphed into cycle touring and that's me. 

The pace on the bike gets you out of the tourist areas and down with the people - not always easy but very rewarding. Still get to see the main sights in the touristy areas if I so desire but now I get to see and experience everything else in the Country as well.

Example; Whilst backpacking, I took a ferry from Greece to Brindisi in Italy, overnight train to Rome - a few days there (loved it) - overnight train to Venice (loved it) overnight train to Vienna.

By bike (It was Tina and I) - similar route with ferry into Brindisi then cycled the Via Appia to Rome which took about 10 days I think. A stunning ride experiencing the beautiful people still mostly living traditional lifestyles in little villages on Castled hilltops. Still got to enjoy Rome. Then it was another 7 day stunning ride through beautiful Mountains to Venice. 

Rome and Venice were again both great but nothing compared to the cycling in between.

Certainly not criticizing backpacking but for me this was the obvious next step.

1st overseas trip was a 15 month tour spanning 97/98 - nearly 14,000km and have been hooked ever since.

1st overseas tour - 1997 in Xinjiang province (claimed by China). Oh to be that fit again


On my last tour in 2020 in Mandalay Myanmar (now claimed by the Military)

Started posting Journals on CGOAB in Jan 2013 and got kicked out in Nov 2020 for clicking disagree to the Owner's Forum comment about stopping the fraud - along with many others it seems.

Stunned by the patheticness of this 🤔 but very happy to end up on this excellent Cycle Blaze😁😁