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As a 7-year-old living in El Salvador on the outskirts of El Pueblo San Carlos Canton San Diego, walking everywhere from farm to school and vice versa, one afternoon would change everything for me. I realized then I would never be the same, as a long-distance Cousin who rode in on a beautiful bicycle that would make me fall in love with bicycles forever. the bike I would later even have dreams about would be none other than the Schwinn Stingray. 



the obsession had begun.


Now at the age of 46, I'm not young but my obsession with bicycles continues, and I have 3 bikes of my own. I'm sad to say that a Stingray is not one of them but there will be time to introduce you to my bikes. The Grandpa, The Batman, and The Phantom. yes, all my bikes have names and there are stories to all of them. So, this is me, a guy scarred for life with the obsession of not having been able to ride a magnificent bike such as the Schwinn Stingray. Who now takes pleasure in riding any bike to satisfy the itch of ever riding a Stingray and who is now preparing for when I retire and do some trail and cross-country riding

Love bicycles since my youth. I’m now in my 40’s and have rekindle the love for cycling, I’m hoping to keep on going till the wheels fall off. I have some finds that have retired, and I have to say I’m envies of them. Having the time to go where time will permit is a great way to conclude your cycling journey till the sun sets down.