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Tina and me at the end of our East > West ride across America 2018

Tina and I have always been relatively active. (We met while camping in the Adirondacks.) Over the years our passions and hobbies have generally involved being out of doors( biking, bc skiing, kayaking, hiking, etc.). Tina is a wild life biologist by training and relishes the new eco systems and particularly the birds she gets to encounter. 

My interest in cycling was renewed once my running was limited due to knee challenges. Tina's cycling goes back to the 80's and earlier when she was a bike tour leader. In 2018, we did east to west basically following the eastern express to the trans America route (with some serious modifications).  That was a very positive experience, though to call it fun would be a stretch.  

We reluctantly leave our two cats at home but knowing they will be well cared for by our house sitter. While we will miss the remaining spring and early summer in VT, we will get to experience it as we make our way back home.