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Halûk Okur


Title Ratings
İstanbul - İznik Bisiklet Turu (2019) 10
Kapıdağ Yarımadası Bisiklet Turu (2012) 0
İstanbul - Edirne Bisiklet Turu (2004) 2
İstanbul - İznik Bisikletle Haftasonu Kaçamağı (2003) 5
Sinop - Trabzon Bisiklet Turu (2002) 13
İstanbul - Samsun Bisiklet Turu (1999) 21
İstanbul - Bandırma Bisiklet Turu (1997) 1


I'm a Turkish male living in Istanbul, Turkey. I'm 70 as of 2024.

Until 39 I didn't know how to ride a bike. When I first swing my leg over a bike, I immediately fell in love with it.

Now after so many years I'm still in love with my bike and try to tour when I get the chance. Unfortunately, I can't do this much lately because our son has moved out and my significant other doesn't feel comfortable when she's alone at home. So no overnighters.

I used to publish my tour notes on a server of my employer but it got decomissioned. While looking for a new home, I came across CycleBlaze and moved my notes over here.

My first and only bike is a 1992 Giant Sedona on its 3rd groupset, over the 85,000 km mark. I'm using a pair of cheap domestic panniers which have served me ok over the years. I don't camp, I have slept in tents when I was young and never liked it.

My journals are all in Turkish. At first I couldn't decide if I should translate them, then I thought nobody would give a damn about some lousy writing which is decades old, so why bother.