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A curated collection of the web's most interesting writing, videos, photos, and audio related to traveling by bicycle.

VideoThrough Nepal and into India
Eric Seehof continues his around-the-world cycling journey. In this part of his trip he heads from Pokhara in Nepal to India on his way towards Myanmar. Steep hills, crowded highways, and policemen with guns drawn stand in his path.
2 days ago
VideoThrough the Balkans: Croatia to Turkey
"It's so crazy. We don't have a ceiling, no comfort, no electricity, but yet this life is so beautiful and we are happy."
3 days ago
VideoCycling Central Asia
Inspiring drone and on-the-ground footage from the washboarded back roads of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.
4 days ago
WritingHow Hemingway Inspired a Cyclist to Scale the Heights of Northern Vietnam
“In this struggle, it is you against the mountain; your strength and your will against the road, the incline; against gravity and all the forces of nature that may, on any given day, conspire to defeat you. It is visceral. It is elemental. Having yourself airlifted to the summit or being chauffeured up on the back of a motorbike would not offer the same mental and physical challenge and could therefore never deliver the same sense of accomplishment."
5 days ago
VideoCycling Korea's East Coast Trail
A four-day ride among the beaches, fishing towns, hills, and farmland of South Korea's east coast.
5 days ago
WritingThe Real Moose Heaven
Spencer Dillon and his riding partner Sam spent nearly two months pedaling from Canada to Mexico along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, slowly taking in the vast and diverse landscapes as miles ticked by.
6 days ago
WritingThe Solitude's Big Opposite
"At the farm, the feeling of Paraguay has mostly gone and instead it has become a universal joint. The couple running the farm is a very kind German Russian woman married to an equally kind German man, who both have converted to Jewish faith, and I try to figure out what that exactly is? Their adopted child is Paraguayan, and the owners of the farm Mennonites with German Canadian background born in Paraguay, who turn out not to be exactly Mennonite, I hear months later."
1 week ago
VideoCycling Antarctica
Spoiler alert: it's cold.
1 week ago
WritingMini Mozambique Cycle Tour
"Heading down to the ferry I'm exceptionally careful not to break any road rules after a warning from the receptionist that police will try get money out of me for any silly reason. I arrive and the ferry is busy loading, so I quickly cycle on amongst the throngs of fishermen, fruit sellers and vehicles."
1 week ago
VideoMusical adventures in Azerbaijan
"When you're stuck in an industrial port in Azerbaijan with no idea when the ship to take you to Central Asia will arrive, it turns out writing emotional electronic music really passes the time."
1 week ago