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August 5, 2007

Day 37: To Lake Chelan

Overnight was easily the warmest night of the tour. I never did really get inside my sleeping bag. Traffic noise was annoying for much of the night.

I got up at 7 and was on the road at 8:30. In the morning I noticed 4 young bike tourists at the opposite end of the campground. They must have arrived very late because I didn't see them yesterday. They are riding the northern tier eastbound but got a late start.

Okanogan Valley, Washington.
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Apple orchard, Okanogan Valley.
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I don't know why all these satellite dishes are there in the middle of nowhere.
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The Okanogan river flows into the Columbia river at Brewster Lake.
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I stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Brewster. The town overlooks Brewster lake. About half the signs in town were in Spanish and most of the people I saw on the street were Mexican. Evidently it is a town where the orchard workers live. A few miles later I rode through the town of Pateros. It appears to be much more "white" and prosperous than Brewster.

Camp here if you REALLY WANT TO.
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Pateros city park.
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First sign of prosperity I've seen in several days.
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Today my chain started to jump out of the rear pulley. I stopped at Wells Dam, examined the bike, and discovered that my frame is broken. The chainstays are breaking away from the monotube. The frame is literally collapsing under the seat. I think I will have to end this tour very soon. No way would I ride the bike down a high speed mountain descent in this condition.

I called my wife and asked her to come pick me up. I told her I could meet her in either Wenatchee or Chelan. Chelan is a bit further for her to drive, but it's an interesting resort town. My wife decided to drive to Chelan tomorrow, about 500 miles.

Columbia river valley, north central Washington.
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Looking down on the Columbia river after taking the split to Lake Chelan.
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Just after Wells Dam I took the highway split to Lake Chelan. I got into town at about 5 PM at the peak of the day's heat. The town park was quite crowded. I knew that Lake Chelan is a resort town but it's bigger than I imagined. The city's huge campground was full but they let me camp one night in their "overflow" area for $10. A patch of irrigated grass next to the dump station. Next to a busy road and walking trail. Traffic noise will be a nuisance tonight for sure.

Looking down on US 97 and Columbia River. Looking up at the road to Lake Chelan.
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Busy city park at Lake Chelan.
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Today had a high temperature of 32C (90F). Relentless sunshine with no natural shade. Definitely summer. The temperature stayed warm well after sunset because the ground heats up in the sun. The riding was very easy today, mostly flat.

Twilight at the ice cream parlor overlooking lake Chelan.
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Distance: 88 km / 55 mi

Climbing: 200 m / 650 ft

Today's ride: 88 km (55 miles)
Total: 3,038 km (1,887 miles)

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