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July 12, 2007

Day 13: To Telkwa

The morning was totally sunny. Low temperature was a warm 15C (60F). I got on the road at 10 after oiling and wiping the chain. Leaving Hazelton was a 120 meter climb. Then rolling hills following the Bulkley River upstream. It's a tributary of the Skeena river.

Bulkley River overlook.
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This guy was riding from Pennsylvania to Alaska.
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Charmaine RuppoltWow, that bicyclist touring from PA to Alaska sure was on a LONG trip!
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7 minutes ago

I stopped in the little village of Moricetown for lunch and spent $25 at the cafe. Then I spent some time visiting the various river overlooks in the area.

Bulkley river at Moricetown.
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Charmaine RuppoltThe daisies in the picture make it much more cheery! :)
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7 minutes ago
Bulkley River narrows.
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Bulkley River.
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Unfortunately there were few views of the river after lunch. The highway stays in the forest.

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Charmaine RuppoltWell, hitchhiking ANYWHERE isn't very safe for women... :(
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6 minutes ago

20 km before Smithers a valley opens up and I saw the first evidence of agriculture since leaving Vancouver Island.

First evidence of agriculture I've seen in many days.
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Definitely some agriculture.
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10km before Smithers I turned off the highway to have a swim at nearby Kathlynn lake. It was very refreshing on such a hot day. The high temperature was 32C (90F) with moderate humidity.

A welcome lake for swimming on an unusually hot day.
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I stocked up on groceries in Smithers but otherwise just blew through town. Then on to the little town of Telkwa. I stopped at the riverside RV park 2 km past town but they don't allow tent camping. So I backtracked and took the turnoff to Tyhee Lake Provincial Park which is 2 km off the highway up a big hill. I got a $20 tent site and noticed that the campground doesn't have showers. But down at the beach house I noticed they DO have a pay shower. So I showered and washed clothes there.

I had a tailwind all day making the warm weather seem even more warm. But the terrain was fairly moderate. Mosquitoes were only a problem at dusk. It was nice to get some relief from the mosquitoes. Black flies seem to be gone but I still have many oozing black fly bites from previous days.

Distance: 90.0 km / 56.3 mi

Climbing: 777 m / 2565 ft

Average speed: 13.6 km/h / 8.5 mph

Maximum speed: 59.7 km/h / 37.3 mph

Today's ride: 90 km (56 miles)
Total: 981 km (609 miles)

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