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July 10, 2007

Day 11: To a free campsite east of Terrace

I got up at 7 and was on the road at 8:30. Early for me. There was some light rain in the morning and the sky was still overcast. The road is mostly flat along the river with a couple of big hills west of Terrace.

Still cloudy.
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Maybe the clouds are higher now.
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Road, rail, and Skeena river.
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In Terrace I stopped for lunch at Pizza Hut and bought groceries at Safeway. The clouds are definitely getting higher, allowing better views of the surrounding mountains. I wore raingear until noon.

The clouds are definitely getting higher.
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After Terrace the terrain is more rolling hills away from the Skeena river. Mosquitoes were bad everywhere. Sometimes the black flies were also bad. Insect avoidance is becoming a major priority now. I already have many large oozing welts from black fly bites.

Usk pioneer chapel in the middle of nowhere.
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STILL a long way to Prince George.
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At last, a bit of blue sky!
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Things are starting to look good!
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Skeena River.
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I wanted to cover a good distance today so I rode until 9PM. I found a creekside free campsite near milepost 220. Mosquitoes were terrible so again I didn't even consider making a shower. I want a shower tomorrow night! Spending the entire evening zipped up inside my tiny tent was NOT fun.

The temperature is getting much warmer as I get farther from the ocean. Today's high was about 25C/77F. The Skeena river is still muddy, high, and fast. But the ground is no longer muddy. Today's scenery is great but the mosquitoes and black flies were terrible everywhere. There are no stores or restaurants to take shelter.

Distance: 134 km / 84.4 mi

Climbing: 533 m / 1760 ft

Today's ride: 134 km (83 miles)
Total: 822 km (510 miles)

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