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March 23, 2022

Tour Aotearoa

We have had some interesting cycling company in the past week., passing a number of laden cycle tourers on West Coast roads. But these are no ordinary tourers: they are well on their way to completing New Zealand's longest ride.

One TA rider jumped onto the tail of a long train yesterday, just in front of me. He did well in the slipstream, racing along at 30+km per hour fully laden. After a while, he dropped back, joking to me he was worried he'd have to take his turn at the front. He was full white beard, easily in his late sixties.

Tour Aotearoa is, according to its website, "a self-supported 3,000km brevet from Cape Reinga to Bluff." So that's from the tip of the North Island to the bottom of the south. About as far as you can travel by bike in this country. Riders (there were 750 in 2020, until the event was affected by Covid) are released in five waves over a week and have from 10 to 30 days to complete the course. There are the fliers of course but this is not a race and it seems most participants aim to finish in closer to 30 days. 

I'm so impressed by these guys  - male and female, old and young, curvy and skinny - for giving this challenge a go. Including the unicyclist!

Leaving Cape Reinga, to Māori, the most spiritually significant place in Aotearoa. Pic from TA website
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Dawn HunterOh no! Now don't get any ideas! That would be a long length of blogging!
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1 year ago
Robyn RichardsNot on my bucket list, Dawn!
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1 year ago