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Death, Life & the Rural American Gas Station

West from Florida with low standards and a dream

By Jeff Arnim & Kristen Arnim
2,338 miles (3,763 km) over 51 days between Jan. 21, 2016 and Mar. 11, 2016

One – The Escape

The Burrito Had Not Yet Been Invented heart 6
Operation Get the Hell Out of Florida heart 5
!Yo Soy El Nino! heart 2

Two – The Coastal Plain

Their Darling Special Boy heart 9
I Was Jiggin Hip Dom Jagga Wam heart 23
Yep, We're in Georgia heart 5
My Inner Monologue Becomes Eighty Percent Swearing heart 8
Yew Have Got to Be Lost heart 14
He's the Picture of Contentment heart 24
Others are Still Called Home heart 17
At This Point It's Obvious heart 18
This Part of the Playing Field is Not Level heart 14
Old Men in Camo-Patterned Shirts Demolishing Enchiladas heart 18
Um, I Was Jus' Gonna Park There heart 19

Three – The Gulf Coast

The Five-Dollar Patty Melt Available Now at Whataburger heart 17
Don't Worry, I'll Distract People With My Rugged Good Looks! heart 22
The Bucket heart 8
Squinting and Unintelligible heart 16

Four – The Piney Woods

This Isn't Alabama So Don't Even Think About Trying to Marry Your Cousin Here heart 14
Firing Invisible Handguns at Invisible Evil Henchmen heart 16
Klantown, U.S.A. heart 19
This Could Be Me in Thirty Years heart 19
Are We In Heaven? No, We're in St. Francisville heart 12
Jus' Tell 'Im Donald Sent Ya heart 18
He Never Had a Chance heart 16
Chuck heart 17
We Just Wanted a Quiet Ride Through the Woods of Louisiana heart 18
The First Bicycles Ever heart 17
What Do You Mean Pretty Sure? heart 15
Mother, I'm Already Runnin' Her at Eighty! heart 19
It's Justice, Texas Style heart 16

Five – The Ranch Lands

Men With Names Like Delaney heart 15
Gill Has Knocked It Out of the Park Again heart 6
I Do heart 20
Find the Goodness in Your Heart heart 16
Chidboy heart 24
It's a Damned Gypsy Village heart 13
I'm a Retired Machinist heart 10
Just Give Me More Americans Like Jimmy heart 14
Nah, Nah, I'm Gettin' Too Deep heart 16
Otto Arnim for Sheriff heart 16

Six – The Rio Grande

I Want to See What This Urinal Cake Business is All About heart 15
I See the Story of Time heart 15
Destiny Look Out For Me heart 16
Along the Open Palms of Their Hands heart 24
A Fundamental Part of Me Has Changed heart 14
Not Even in Some Diminished Form heart 10
Life is How it is, Not How it Was heart 11
My Hipster Measurement Device heart 20
Texan-Owned heart 11
He Might Be Nude heart 5
They Must Be Some Pretty Hardy Souls heart 17
Where's Your Ferrari? heart 26
Desert View Homes heart 16
An America That Runs Parallel to Mine heart 22