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Death, Life & the Rural American Gas Station

West from Florida with low standards and a dream

By Jeff Arnim & Jeff Arnim
2,338 miles (3,763 km) over 51 days between Jan. 21, 2016 and Mar. 11, 2016

One – The Escape

The Burrito Had Not Yet Been Invented heart 2
Operation Get the Hell Out of Florida heart 2
!Yo Soy El Nino! heart 1

Two – The Coastal Plain

Their Darling Special Boy heart 2
I Was Jiggin Hip Dom Jagga Wam heart 7
Yep, We're in Georgia heart 5
My Inner Monologue Becomes Eighty Percent Swearing heart 2
Yew Have Got to Be Lost heart 2
He's the Picture of Contentment heart 10
Others are Still Called Home heart 3
At This Point It's Obvious heart 4
This Part of the Playing Field is Not Level heart 2
Old Men in Camo-Patterned Shirts Demolishing Enchiladas heart 4
Um, I Was Jus' Gonna Park There heart 4

Three – The Gulf Coast

The Five-Dollar Patty Melt Available Now at Whataburger heart 4
Don't Worry, I'll Distract People With My Rugged Good Looks! heart 6
The Bucket heart 3
Squinting and Unintelligible heart 3

Four – The Piney Woods

This Isn't Alabama So Don't Even Think About Trying to Marry Your Cousin Here heart 2
Firing Invisible Handguns at Invisible Evil Henchmen heart 3
Klantown, U.S.A. heart 3
This Could Be Me in Thirty Years heart 4
Are We In Heaven? No, We're in St. Francisville heart 3
Jus' Tell 'Im Donald Sent Ya heart 3
He Never Had a Chance heart 1
Chuck heart 3
We Just Wanted a Quiet Ride Through the Woods of Louisiana heart 2
The First Bicycles Ever heart 3
What Do You Mean Pretty Sure? heart 2
Mother, I'm Already Runnin' Her at Eighty! heart 3
It's Justice, Texas Style heart 1

Five – The Ranch Lands

Men With Names Like Delaney heart 1
Gill Has Knocked It Out of the Park Again heart 1
I Do heart 3
Find the Goodness in Your Heart heart 2
Chidboy heart 4
It's a Damned Gypsy Village heart 1
I'm a Retired Machinist heart 1
Just Give Me More Americans Like Jimmy heart 1
Nah, Nah, I'm Gettin' Too Deep heart 1
Otto Arnim for Sheriff heart 1

Six – The Rio Grande

I Want to See What This Urinal Cake Business is All About heart 1
I See the Story of Time heart 1
Destiny Look Out For Me heart 1
Along the Open Palms of Their Hands heart 8
A Fundamental Part of Me Has Changed heart 5
Not Even in Some Diminished Form heart 1
Life is How it is, Not How it Was heart 1
My Hipster Measurement Device heart 4
Texan-Owned heart 1
He Might Be Nude heart 1
They Must Be Some Pretty Hardy Souls heart 3
Where's Your Ferrari? heart 12
Desert View Homes heart 1
An America That Runs Parallel to Mine heart 6