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May 1, 2021

Day 80: Cardwell to El Arish

Start: 7:35am

Distance: 64kms
Ride time: 3:21hrs
Average: 19km/hr
Max: 42km/hr 
Finish: 12:20pm

Bill identified Thursday's snake as a whip snake. Thank you Bill!

It rained briefly during the night. There was a light wind and the tent was dry by the morning.

Banana plantation. I haven't seen any bananas for a long time.
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New wattle flowers. I was disappointed these didn't have any perfume.
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I met Chris and Nate. They were walking south from Cairns to Brisbane.
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I rode alongside them for a few minutes and chatted about each of our adventures. They were nice guys.

They're walking 1,757kms, doing 30kms per day.

They are raising money for various charities. You can donate to their cause here.

Later in the day I googled them and they're ex National Rugy League stars.

Unfortunately, I know nothing about the sport. Other Australians and especially Queenslanders would be very disappointed in me.

They had 3 of these support cars.
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We wished each other well and continued on our way.

Later down the road at a rest stop I enjoyed an apple while this rooster was screeching cock-a-doodle-doo.
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I don't know why he was there. I couldn't see any houses nearby.

I haven't seen any fauna crossings since about Brisbane.
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Nice hills with rain clouds.
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Tully River with a railway bridge.
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I stopped at a servo in Tully and ate a salad sandwich for second breakfast outside.

And saw this funny scene.
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Kerrie McCarthyI’ve had the same family of Welcome Sparrows returning to my front entrance for about 6 years
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2 weeks ago

The owl was put there to scare birds away. That didn't deter this Welcome sparrow from building a nest on top of it. What a tough little bird. 

It rained for a short time while I was there. I then left and not too long after it rained on me briefly. 

Then I arrived in El Arish and I checked in to the Diggers Creek Motel and Caravan Park.

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A hot shower, clean drinking water, and a picnic table, and I'm happy.

A basic camp kitchen.
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I saw these guys waddling around the park.
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And then I saw this kitty in the camp kitchen. I hope the kitty doesn't chase the birds.
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Today's ride: 64 km (40 miles)
Total: 3,734 km (2,319 miles)

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