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March 29, 2021

Day 43: Rest day (Fraser Island)

Bill identified one of the fish yesterday as a sheephead parrotfish. Thanks Bill.

I was picked up from my camp ground by the tour bus at 7:25am. We collected a total of 14 other passengers from their accommodation. I was pleased it was only a small group.

After a short drive, we left the bus and hopped on to our barge that would take us to Fraser Island. Some 4WD vehicles also drove on.
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After a 1 hour pleasant cruise we arrived on Fraser.
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This is the 4WD bus that took us around the island.
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All the roads on Fraser Island are sandy bumpy tracks.

Our first stop was Lake McKenzie. It's illegal to bring food or drinks to this lake as it may attract dingos.
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About 200 dingoes live on the island.

Lake McKenzie is a large (150 hectares) fresh water lake and the sand is very white.
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The Butchalla people call the lake Boorangoora.

It was very scenic and we spent an hour here relaxing.

The water has a low pH which makes it unsuitable for aquatic life. The low pH does something to your skin. I went for a lovely swim and when I came out my skin felt nice and soft, instead of all smelly and scratchy like a cycling tourist. 

The next stop was a small rainforest walk beside Wanggoolba Creek. The water in the creeks and the lakes is very clear.

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Then we had lunch and a long drive along the beach. I've never driven along the beach before so it was a bit of a novelty.
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We saw an old shipwreck. The ship was called S.S. Maheno and has a history from WW1. It became shipwrecked here when it was being towed for scrap in 1935.
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Then we went to Eli Creek. It was a fun place especially for kids. The creek is only about 1 metre deep and flows at a slow pace out to sea.

People walk along the path going upstream beside the creek and then jump into it with their floatation mats etc, and gently float downstream.

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In the afternoon some people took the extra option of a short scenic flight. I felt spoilt from my experience yesterday so I didn't do it.
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While driving along the beach, I saw a dingo walking beside the sand dunes. I didn't have enough time to get a pic. I was very excited to have seen one.

All too quickly, our time on Fraser was over and it was time to get on the barge to take us back to the mainland.

We enjoyed a lovely sunset on our way back.
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I got back to the camp ground at 6:45pm.

During the day, the QLD Government made some new rules due to some recent COVID19 cases in Brisbane. 

We now have to wear masks while indoors. And because I was in Brisbane during a certain time that means I have to stay here in 'lockdown' until 1 April.

I can still go out for food and exercise. I'm right on the beach so I think I'm doing it a lot easier than most people.

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Kathleen ClassenReally enjoying your journal. So interesting about the lockdown. Here on the west coast of Canada we are suddenly seeing a surge of cases...much worse than Brisbane believe me, so we have entered a lockdown until the 18th of April. Keep posting! I am living vicariously through you. We love Australia and have visited several times. Can’t wait to go again.
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1 month ago
Vince McCarthyHi Kathleen,

Thanks for saying hi. Yes, I think Australia is doing extremely well through all of this uncertainty.

I've never been to Canada and would love to go. I'd love to see bears and wolves and would also be very scared of them.

Take care during your lockdown.
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1 month ago