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March 21, 2021

Day 35: Brisbane to Redcliffe

Start: 1:20pm
Distance: 29kms
Ride time: 2:02hrs
Average: 14km/hr
Max: 37km/hr 
Finish: 3:50pm

Serena and spent the morning having a cafe breaky and finding a book shop.

This is my new book.
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This is a good bat sculpture on a street light.
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We relaxed in the hotel for a bit and then had thickshakes at an American diner.

Then all too soon it was time to depart. Serena went to the airport and I started pedalling north. 

A good bike path next to the Brisbane River.
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I had put on sun screen before I departed and this induced a small amount of rainfall just to wet me. It stopped after 30 minutes. 

I didn't know what fire ants were so I had to google it.
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Fire ants are an invasive pest in Australia. 

Another cycling tourist threat is swooping birds. There were none near this sign when I went past.
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When I got to Brighton on the coast, there were 14 kite surfers on the water. I wonder if they ever collide with each other?
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The Ted Smout Memorial Bridge is 2.7km long and is QLD's longest bridge. It has a nice separate cycling path.
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Ted Smout Memorial Bridge

View from the bridge. Lots of rain heading in my direction.
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I use the Wiki Camp app every day to help decide where to stay. It's very handy and lists many free camp spots too.

Tonight I wanted to stay at Bells Caravan Park in Redcliffe. The information on the Wiki Camp app was confusing in relation to having tent sites available. 

I called them this morning and eventually spoke to someone that said it was fine. Phew. There are limited options to camp so close to Brisbane.

Upon arrival I was told they don't accept tents. Some invalid nonsensical COVID19 reason was given.

The receptionist phoned the manager and eventually I was allowed to stay.

The rain storm arrived as I started putting up my tent. It rained heavily for the next few hours. Luckily my tent is on a bit of a rise in the ground.

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Lots of rain obscuring my view of the ocean when I went in search of fish and chips for dinner.
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Today's ride: 29 km (18 miles)
Total: 1,671 km (1,038 miles)

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