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April 19, 2018

What’s in a name?

This journal has gone through a series of titles.  It began life as From Venice to Lisbon, back in those long ago days when we didn’t know about the Schengen Zone and its 90 day visa limitation.  From this, it was rechristened as From Venice to Valencia, to reflect a pruned itinerary fitting the time constraint.

But, in fact, we aren’t taking exactly that tour either.  After researching it further, bicycling along the Spanish Coast to Valencia looks unattractive because there are no quiet alternatives to the coast highway for most of the way, and the mountainous interior doesn’t look like a practical option in early winter.  So we’re stopping in Girona.

And, we’re not starting in Venice.  We’re starting in Dubrovnik instead, lengthening our European tour by almost a month by beginning in Croatia, outside the Schengen Zone.

And, we’re not actually ending in Girona either.  From there we’ll fly to Taiwan for another six weeks before flying home in late January.  So, we could retititle this journal to something like From Dubrovnik to Taipei, by way of Girona.  This would actually hold up pretty well, because barring misfortune we’re locked in on this plan - we’ve already purchased our plane tickets.

Instead though, I’m revisioning this journal to reflect what it’s really primarily about - our decision to break out of our box and hit the road; to become biking vagabonds.  And I’m ending it here.  We’ll create new journals for the tours themselves, when we get there.

For the record though, while we’re waiting for them to come around on the guitar, you can imagine what lies in store:

Stage I: The Adriatic Coast (4 weeks)
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Stage II: The Dolomites (3 weeks)
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Stage III: The Lake District (2 weeks)
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Stage IV: Piemonte (3 weeks)
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Stage V: the Mediterranean Coast (5 weeks)
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Stage VI: Taiwan (six weeks)
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So, that’s all for now for this blog.  See you again in late August, in Dubrovnik.  Now, what should we do in the meantime?  Oh, that’s right - Let’s go to the Balkans!

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