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So what can I remember?

Lockdown - that dreaded word - has hit all of Aotearoa/New Zealand for only the second time since this pandemic began. The first, nearly 18 months ago, saw us eliminate the dreaded virus from the community. But now it's back, with a vengeance, and we are once again sheltering in place and doing our bit to send it packing

Last time, Kiwis put teddy bears in window, remembered our leader's exhortation to be kind and exhausted the nation's dogs with our incessant desire for exercise. This time, we're masked, trying to be kind but still giving our pets more walks than they think fit. And, in my case, obsessively reading old and new CycleBlaze journals.

Before I discovered CycleBlaze and the other site a couple of years ago, I have to confess I  didn't keep a daily trip journal on our European adventures. Why, I don't know. I suspect it was something to do with my need to write for an audience - a real audience. I wrote blogs while away from home but these tended to summarise a week or a fortnight at a time. 

So what joy to discover this site! Daily journals with daily opportunities for readers to comment - what more could this craver of attention want?

But now, the stars have aligned. I cannot leave the house, other than for groceries or exercise. On screen, I have my old blogs and Strava records for our 2018 trip, along with Google Photos. I will write this journal. The dog will be pleased.

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Scott AndersonI’m so sorry to hear you’re locked down again, Robyn. That must be so disheartening for all of you down there. I’m glad it’s prompting you to put up this journal though. I’ll look forward to following along.
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2 months ago
Robyn RichardsTo Scott AndersonThanks, Scott. For retirees like us, in a warm home with everything we need and the opportunity to exercise, there is not much to complain about. But many will be hurting.
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2 months ago