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August 16, 1987

San Francisco Mountains to Flagstaff

Well, here is a bit of a disappointment - the journal leaves off in the San Francisco mountains.  There are no photos from that last day either, so I guess this is it.  We're left with nothing but my memories of this last day, meaning we are left with nearly nothing period.  I have a vague recollection of biking off in the predawn again and seeing Humphries Peak, and a clear vision of biking into the outskirts of Flagstaff and being charmed by extensive colonies of prairie dogs alongside the highway.  That's it though - I'm not even sure if I stayed overnight or just found a breakfast somewhere and then wheeled off to the airport and headed back to Portland.

There's a bit of a lesson here - this is pretty compelling example of why to journal.  At the time it's hard to believe you would forget all the details of what feels like an unforgettable experience, but that's what happens - with me, at least.  I'm sure this last day was a bit anticlimactic after all the remarkable experiences of the previous week, but you'd think there would be more than this. So, a word from the wise - take some time to write a bit down about your next Odyssey. 25 years from now, you'll be glad you did.

Complete or not, I've been more than repaid for the hours I invested in writing it at the time.  I've gotten a lot of satisfaction in reliving this exceptional week one more time.  It came at an important crossroad in my life, and the end of an era.  While I was out of the office, a new hire moved in - Rachael Vestigo, senior programmer analyst.  A year later we bought her her first bicycle, took off for a 50 mile ride that weekend and a 3 day overnight the week after.  Life would never be the same again.

Today's ride: 33 miles (53 km)
Total: 556 miles (895 km)

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Jeremy PerksThis comment is about all 11 parts of this ride - it was really well written and an absolute pleasure to read and I enjoyed the photos. Looking forward to reading the rest of the posts.
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4 years ago
Scott AndersonTo Jeremy PerksThanks for reading, Jeremy, and for your generous comment. I’m so grateful now that I journaled this tour at the time. Rereading it (which you prompted me to do once more) is like opening a time capsule.
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4 years ago