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July 16, 2018

Day 61 Cadillac, MI

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We were looking forward to a short ride today - only 43 miles from Traverse City to Cadillac.  We didn't anticipate that it would basically be 43 miles UP with some long climbs.  

We had to ride the first several miles on a relatively busy road with no shoulder.  Almost without exception, drivers on this trip have been courteous and patient in such situations.  Today, we encountered one of the exceptions.  A man in a pickup truck slowed down next to us and yelled at us to "get off  my road".  It made Kerry mad, but it doesn't help at all to respond to jerks like that.  Fortunately, we meet very few of them.

Team A+ rode with us the first 13 miles, which were the hilliest of the day.  They then got the pleasure of returning DOWN to Traverse City where they have a cottage rented for the week.  It was really fun to spend time with them this weekend.  We continued on to Cadillac through lots of farms and corn fields.  The fruit orchards ended as soon as we went south from Traverse City.

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There was some corn that was tasseled already.

South of Traverse City, we passed this large prison.  It appears to be closed, but it seemed to be being maintained.   It doesn't show up on Michigan's list of correctional facilities.

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We had planned to stop for lunch about 10 miles before Cadillac, but another detour kept us from going through the little town where I had found some restaurants.  A clerk in the local store didn't recommend the Subway and said there were no other restaurants until we got to Cadillac.  When we finally got here, got the bikes stowed away and all our stuff in our rooms, I was way past ready to eat.  We walked down the street and had an excellent lunch, then walked to a grocery store for Diet Coke, wine and snacks, so now we're ready to make the most of tomorrow's day of rest.

Today's ride: 44 miles (71 km)
Total: 2,857 miles (4,598 km)

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