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August 7, 2020

to Victoria

by a scenic route

We had a leisurely breakfast, eating half of our dozen eggs and giving the rest to another pair of cyclists.  We could have carried them, or hard-boiled them for lunch if we'd had any fuel left, but we would not be camping tonight and they would.

We loaded up for the short ride to Fulford Harbour and, as usual, got there with an hour or so to wait for the next sailing.  On arrival in Swartz Bay, we didn't take the Lochside Trail but opted for a different route.  Al promised lunch at Cafe Zanzibar in Brentwood Bay...   This was the place he'd visited with his cycling club last month.

Al's lamb burger. He'd had this when he was here before.
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I had tandoori chicken and mango salad. Yum!
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Rachael AndersonLooks delicious!
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3 years ago

We rode south on Prospect Lake Road, a route we've each ridden several times before.  But the traffic this time was atrocious!  We couldn't wait to get to the Galloping Goose and away from the cars.  We made the connection onto the E&N Rail Trail and to the home of Al's brother Rob and his wife Lisa.

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Today's ride: 58 km (36 miles)
Total: 133 km (83 miles)

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