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Snack Attack

General Delivery

Two weeks to the start. Just a brief resurfacing for selfish purposes before I go dark again.

Somewhere along the road of preparing for this trip I saw the suggestion that when you go on a long tour you should ask family and friends, should they be so inclined, to send cards and letters (better than that, cookies!) to General Delivery to your attention in towns along your route.  That idea's been rattling around in the back of my mind for a couple years now.

This post is really addressed to folks who know us (maybe even like us or love us).  But who knows if there's anyone else out there who might just get the urge...

Now, in the days of the pangalactic interweb, there's no real need for paper cards and letters, but in my experience it's danged difficult to email or text (or leave on a site like CycleBlaze) cookies or other goodies. So, some guidance.

General Delivery

Items for General Delivery to a Post Office should be addressed thusly:

     Recipient Name

     General Delivery

     City, State ZIP

Some advice online says you need to add -9999 to the Zip Code, but I talked to someone at our local Post Office and they said it is unnecessary.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you do this thing, make sure you mail the item out ahead of us, say a week or so, to give it time to arrive at the destination before we do. Don't send it too far ahead, as the Post Office will discard/destroy unclaimed General Delivery mail after 30 days.

Before you send anything, call the Post Office in question (phone numbers included in the list below) and ask these questions:

  • Do you indeed accept and distribute General Delivery mail?
  • Do you hold General Delivery mail at your location, or forward it to another post office? This happens in some larger towns with multiple post office locations. If they forward, don't send it here, but farther down the road. No telling how far off the route that forwarding hub might be. It would probably be better to mail to a smaller town that a larger one.
  • Are there any restrictions on General Delivery mail?

Let us know via the pangalactic interweb (email, text, FB, CycleBlaze comment) that you've sent something, and where it's going. We don't want to have to check at every post office along the way, as exciting as a scavenger hunt like that might sound.

Trail of Breadcrumbs

Did I mention earlier in the journal that I'm analytical with a capital "anal"? As part of my route research I endeavored to identify every post office along the way that accepts General Delivery mail. Came up with a list of 219 post offices (hence my scavenger hunt concern). 

The list includes our anticipated arrival/passage dates along the way, should the miracle occur that we actually stick to "the plan".  If you're following the journal you'll know whether we're ahead of (yeah, right) or behind schedule.

I don't know if anyone will actually send anything, but imagine our surprise and delight if anyone does! Eternal gratitude! It would certainly add a motivational factor and another sense of connection with the world beyond our tires.

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Kelly IniguezI have done the general delivery thing. A package of my very favorite protein powder. It chased me across much of Oregon before we finally met up. Third class mail isn't forwarded. First class mail is.

A comment on your previous page and preparedness/boredom. I once took a pretor photo of me tightening my mirrors. That was a new low!

I'm a recumbent rider. I'd like to suggest you consider riding 'alone together' - for me that definition is within eyesight. Good touring friend Oren and I practice alone together riding. Unless there is something concerning during the day. Then he will wait up for me more often. Riding directly together is a real challenge. The chances of two riders being so exactly paced is small. It's difficult to either ride a little bit slowly, or a little bit faster than your natural pace. Either one is difficult to maintain over time.

Your tour sounds like great fun. I can't wait to read along with you!
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