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March 24, 2023

My bike and gear

Probably way too much

Well I get to restart this entry because I backed out of it before I saved it, so lesson learned for the future.

I (Ed) ride a RANS Stratus XP XL, 10 speed with 26-36-48 chainrings. All SRAM in back; both SRAM & Shimano in the front but it all works well together. I have Velocity Cliffhanger rims with Schwalbe 26 x 1.5 Marathon tires.

I have a SON28 dynohub on the front wheel and use a Sinewave Revolution converter to get my useable DC power.

I have Ortlieb front and rear panniers and handlebar bag that everything (almost) will be stored in. I also have an Orucase Smuggler handlebar bag my phone easily fits into. 

Other that some attachment changes, the bike will look pretty much what it did on our Lake Michigan tour last year, and yes I'm the good looking guy in the photo.

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- Bike - 4 water bottles, pump w/gauge, Wahoo Roam GPS, headlight and taillight.

- Handlebar bag - Wallet, phone, snacks, handkerchief, sun block, mini-tool, small Leatherman knife, sunblock, TP, portable battery, charge cord, sweetener, eye drops

- Underseat bag (drive side) - cooking equipment - pan, lid, utensils, collapsible coffee cup, coffee drip strainer, coffee filters, collapsible plate/bowl, small thermos, pocket rocket stove, fuel canister, lighters, dish soap/rag.  (Since John is using my stove he gets to carry an additional canister). Electronic chargers and various cords to charge phone, gps, and lights.

- Underseat bag (other side) - food - oatmeal, quinoa, PB, spices, tortillas, soy milk powder, coffee, and at least 1 can beans and canned tomatoes. I am whole foods plant based (no meat or other animal protein) so beans will be a main staple. Basic toiletries. 

- Rear pannier (drive side) - camping gear - Sea to summit Ascent down sleeping bag, silk mummy liner, Klymit insulated static V lite sleeping pad (with battery powered inflation pump), Sea to summit Aeros pillow, spare tent pegs, sleeping eye shades, laundry bag, hanging cord, clothes pins, foldable panaracer protite 26 x 1.75 spare tire

- Rear pannier (other side) - clothing - this is where the too much comes in because we still have potential for cool weather at start of trip, and definately when we hit the Rockies - 2 s/s jerseys, 2 Aerotech design commuter cargo shorts, 1 convertible nylon pants, 1 s/s and 1 l/s button up nylon shirt, 2 t-shirts (1 wool), 3 underwear, 3 socks, windbreaker, 1 hiking hat. My rain pants and jacket are stored in individual 1-liter dry bags and clipped to outside of rear panniers.

Cooler weather clothing (to be shipped west when weather warms up)- l/s wool jersey, spandex tights, light and medium weight wool base layer tops, lightweight wool base layer tight, wool glove liners, full 5-fingered cooler weather gloves, ear warmers, neck gaiter, balaclava, Enlightened equipment packable jacket.

- Rear pannier side pockets - spare tubes, tube repair kit, bike tools, lube, rags, and cleaner, spare cables, spare disc brake pads (not everyone carries BB7 brake pads, cassette removal tool, Fiber-fix spoke.

- Handlebar mounted - Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 bikepack tent

- Rear rack mounted - Helinox camp chair

My legs already hurt just thinking about what I am carrying. Compared to our Michigan tour, I have really only added the cooler weather clothing, and I do not intend to carry them the entire way. Everybody also says that you will eventually determine what you need to carry when you get started and ship this home. I hope that happens.

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Steve Miller/GrampiesThe traditional first mailback usually serves to significantly lighten the load. This is where the nice to have with you stuff collides with the how do I drag this accross a continent stuff, and hard choices are made.
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2 months ago
Kelly IniguezThat's an excellent bike and gear page! Doubly appreciated, since you did it twice. We have all felt the pain.

I note that you are using my favorite Marathon tires. I like Racers, Jacinto uses the heavy Plus. He doesn't care what they weigh, he would rather pedal harder than change a flat. I also note you have a folding spare.

We also carried a spare last summer, and used it with about a month to go on the tour. Could we find a replacement? No! Not in bicycle friendly Colorado, or even Moab. We were sure we could find a tire in Moab. We could - if we wanted MTB tread! We weren't desperate, or we would have gone with the MTB tire. We were carrying the reject tire as a spare. That's a long way to say that I like carrying a spare. Especially if you are picky about tires.

Tubes are another tricky item, in a 1.5. We both carry two, plus a patch kit. If we find that skinny of a 26" tube in a typical shop, we are impressed by their stock. In Tetonia, Idaho I ran into a shop that had 1.5's. The clerk said another shop in town used to sell recumbents, which used 'funny' size tubes, which is why they stocked them.

Unless it's a tough trip, we can usually get by with the two tubes each.

I look forward to reading your journal!
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2 months ago
Ed ChimahuskyTo Kelly IniguezKelly, I had a number of folks on FB comment that they saw no need to carry a spare as they never had a problem. Since I’ve had a tire failure, I am being cautious and bringing one. I was lucky when it happened as a Good Samaritan stopped and drove us to Green Bay, and although it was a Sunday a bike shop was open, but the stars will not always align like that. And yes, I am picky about my tires.
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2 months ago
Kelly IniguezTo Ed ChimahuskyI don’t know if the link will come through here. In 2021 we were also lucky to have an emergency fix at a shop in Green Bay. Jacinto had a broken spoke. There was a shop within easy walking distance of our motel and they fixed the wheel on the spot.
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2 months ago
Ed ChimahuskyTo Kelly IniguezWe went to Pete’s Garage which is right across the Fox River from Broken Spoke!
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2 months ago