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May 6, 2023

Day 3 - May 6 - Williamsport to Little Orleans

Some Asphalt!

John’s Story

42 degrees again this morning. This time I was smart enough to put some clothes in the sleeping bag with me to warm them up before I crawled out. It warmed up much quicker today than yesterday, so we were layering down by late morning.

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Really exciting riding conditions today.  After about 10 miles we were able to leave the towpath and switch over to the Western Maryland Rail Trail. 20 miles of smooth asphalt, interrupted only by the occasional and sometimes frequent root cracks in the pavement. It was a welcome change from the “variable” conditions of yesterday. Found a great cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting at a bakery right next to the trail. No decaf coffee though.

Another dam picture.
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Somewhere down there is the towpath as seen from theWestern Maryland Rail Trail. For long stretches they were separated only by the canal itself.
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Falling Rock sign. And look, a fallen rock.
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Jessica Hirschhornand SMOOOOOTH pavement!
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11 months ago
Fallen rock. And look, no falling rock sign. Something seems out of proportion here. That rock fall did a number on the path.
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The road up to tonight’s stop at the Ridge Rider Campground was a lung-busting 15% grade. When I slowed to 1.8 mph I decided I’d better get off the bike before I fell over. I had a hard time pushing my bike the rest of the way up. 

A reminder of the sort of hillclimbing we’re missing by using the towpath and in a couple days the Great Allegheny Passage rail trail.
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They were able to squeeze us in behind the bath house (how convenient!) even though the place is overrun with dirt bikers for a ride tomorrow. We lucked out!

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A few closing observations before I hit the sack.

If you see VT on a shirt around here it is NOT the postal abbreviation for Vermont!

The oriole is the state bird of Maryland. I have seen nary a one. On the other hand, this place is overrun with cardinals. It seems you see them fly across the path at least a couple times an hour, and you hear their calls off in the trees all day long. What’s with that?

Ed’s Story

I finally had a good nights sleep, the first one since I left home - 9 pm to 5:20 am. I think it was nature calling that woke me up. 

Ate a great camp breakfast of oatmeal with raisins and soy milk with a peanut butter tortilla. A hot cup of coffee hit the spot as it was still cool outside.

And we were off.

Potomac River dam #5. You wouldn’t want to fall in because there is an undertow bringing water back to the dam.
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We continued along the way meeting and greeting people we passed. When stopped for a necessary stop, 4 women coming from the opposite direction stopped to chat, etc.

The woman in the yellow jacket is the pastor of the Fallston United Methodist church. They are riding as a fundraiser for their youth group.
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We stopped for a coffee and snack break at the Blue Goose Fruit Market and Bakery. John wanted decaf and they suggested he go up the highway to a truck stop. Yea, like that was going to happen.

When we left we thought a tornado came through.

My my how did that bike get up there?
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We finally made it to Little Orleans MD stopping  for refreshment at Bill’s place. 

Three days into beard challenge and getting scruffier.
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Headed out and up to Ridge Rider campground….ridge says it all as it was at the top of a steep hill, seeing at least 15% grade. Of course we had to go down an equally steep hill before we climbed to the campsite. Get to repeat in opposite direction tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a challenge as we have to conquer the Paw Paw Tunnel bypass….more on that tomorrow (if we’re still in one piece).

Today's route:

From there to here!
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Moe Nagatyway to go guys. Best wishes to both of you.
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11 months ago

Until next time, happy biking!

Today's ride: 40 miles (64 km)
Total: 3,900 miles (6,276 km)

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Dorothy ShinstockLooks like a great way to see the country and make new friends!
I'm enjoying the ride!
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11 months ago
Helen FarrellOrioles are still in Texas migrating north.
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11 months ago