Intro - Testing my aging body and a new two battery setup on my V-Rex - CycleBlaze


I 'mounted' a second battery on my e-biked V-Rex today. I'm hoping to do a short - week or two long - tours this summer and I've always planned to do e-bike tours with two batteries. My argument for doing that instead of using a single larger battery is that I don't want to carry the extra weight when I'm not touring and having two batteries means that having problems with one of them won't stop my tour, but just reduce the distance and/or the climbs that I can ride in one day. On my first e-bike tour I discovered another advantage. I was able to do two days of riding after I was unable to find a place to stay and had to wild camp the first night.

Using the new setup, I am able to switch batteries simply by moving the cable from the motor/controller between them. I don't expect to have to do that very often, but now I can do it quickly and easily if I need to. I'm now  also able to use almost any e-bike battery on  my V-Rex

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