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The Route


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The Pacific Coast of the United State is one of the most popular bicycle touring routes in the world and deservedly so. Most evenings at most any hiker/biker campsite, situated every 30 to 40 miles down the coast, one can find dozens of cyclists of all ages sharing food, libations, perhaps some recreational marijuana, and lots of comradery late into the evening. On a fall ride in southern Oregon a few years ago I stop at a bike shop in Florence, OR and their logbook had 1800 entries for the season. Presumably that is some fraction of the total bikers riding down the Coast.

So have you ever wondered who were the very first to ride bicycles down the Pacific Coast from Canada to Mexico?  Perhaps not (probably not), but if you keep reading you're going to meet them.  

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Scott AndersonHooray! I was hoping you'd write this ride up for us. Happy New Year!
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6 years ago
Karen CookI can't wait to read this!! :-)
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6 years ago